Pilot facilities

One of the biggest outputs for the EnAlgae project is the development of an integrated network of algal pilot plants across North West Europe. Information from these facilities is being used to consider technology requirements, economics and environmental aspects of growing algal biomass and converting it to bioenergy in the region.
The pilots also allow the project to maximise the transnational value of algal culture facilities across NWE, as outlined in work packagae one.Combining resources and expertise in this way makes algal bioenergy research more coordinated. This means that standardisation can occur in outputs which, in turn, has the potential to create a viable marketplace.
Open days and workshops at the pilots provide an opportunity for interested parties to find out more about this exciting new field. For forthcoming events, see the EnAlgae calendar or sign up for our newsletter

The EnAlgae pilot network consists of nine facilities across North West Europe. Three of these are macroalgae focused and the six are microalgae focused. Click on the images to find out more about the research at each site.

Microalgae edit.JPG Macroalgae edit.JPG