Other Material

EnAlgae posters, leaflets and other promotional material:


EnAlgae brochure - ENGLISH (4 MB)

Poster - Amazing algae: an introduction to the wonderful world of algae

Poster - An introduction to algae cultivation and harvesting

Poster - Uses of algae: maximising the potential of algae using a biorefinery approach 


Slide presentations from EnAlgae Close Out Conference, September 2015:

Welcome - Dr Shaun Richardson

EnAlgae: an executive summary - Prof Kevin Flynn

EU R&I approach for biofuels under H2020 - Maria Georgiadou, DG Research


EnAlgae Pilot Network: developing standards and good practice for mass cultivation of algae - Dr Alla Silkina & Dr Karen Mooney-McAuley

Routes to market for algal products - Adrian Higson, NNFCC

The EnAlgae knowledge-based decision support tool - Lynsey Melville, Birmingham City University


The role of a pilot installation in a young industry - Bert Lemmens, VITO

Algal Information Network - Andrea Salimbeni, EUBIA

Microalgae to energy market - Dominik Behrendt, Aufwind

Biorefinery/ multi-use context - Ulrike Schmitdt-Staiger, Fraunhofer Institute IGB

A seaweed study at the Belgian coast - Benny Pycke, FMC consultant eCoast

A regional perspective - Marijn Rabaut, Policy Advisor North Sea


Closing remarks - Ruut Louwers, Programme Director, INTERREG IVB NWE

Slide presentations from Algae Round the World Symposium

Growth and Metabolic characteristics of polar algae

Presentations from QUB workshop on seaweed and anaerobic digestion:

AD Workshop welcome by Peter Schiener

Seasonal gas production by Hilary Redden

Seaweed commercialiastion by Andrew Walmsley

Presentations from Stakeholder Workshops:

Results of the EnAlgae Stakweholder Workshop on the benefits and risks from Biomass Production with Seaweeds, London 28th October 2014 Uploaded 11th December 2013

Results of the EnAlgae Stakeholder Workshop on Benefits and Risks from Biomass Production with Microalgae, Frankfurt, 5th June 2014. Uploaded 4th Sep 2014.


Presentations from Kortrijk EnAlgae Pilot Symposium :

Overview of the INTERREG IVB NWE project EnAlgae

The Nottingham Microalgae Biorefinery 

Bioflocculation of microalgae for aquaculture wastewater treatment and for biogas and shrimp feed production: A pilot scale study 

Energy use in the open pond algae PBR in Lelystad and potentials for reduction 

Environmental Life Cycle Assessment applied to microalgae-based technologies: Methodology presentation and case studies analysis 

Queen's Seaweed in Strangford Lough 

Design and trial of a new seaweed production structure 

The bioremediation and photophysiology experiments in pilot PBRs with aim of mechanistic models development 

Waste not want more 

Developing Decision Support Tools 'Capturing and representing knowledge from the EnAlgae Project' 

Advanced textiles for open sea biomass cultivation (AT~SEA) 

AgrAqua: A micro spirulina farm in Flanders 


Video presentations from EnAlgae Pilot Symposium, Kortrijk:

-  Dr Karen Mooney - Queen's Seaweed in Strangford Lough 

-  Dr Alla Silkina - The bioremediation and photophysiology experiments in pilot PBRs with aim of mechanistic models development 

Louiza Norman - Waste not want more