30 Jun 2015 EnAlgae partners in Ostend prepare to host international seaweed seminar

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EnAlgae partner, Flanders’ Maritime Cluster, is preparing to host its international guests as it holds a seminar looking at seaweed and integrated aquaculture and the associated business opportunities for the Flemish (agro)food and maritime cluster.


Seaweed is a source of vitamins, minerals and proteins and can as such be used as food and animal feed.  After processing, seaweed can be used as a hydrocolloid, a biobased chemical, a pharmaceutical, an organic fertilizer or as biofuel. Seaweed delivers ecosystem services through its support for marine biodiversity and its capacity to bio-accumulate nutrients and pollutants.


Seaweed cultivation, and by extension integrated aquaculture, offers business opportunities for companies upfront in the value chain, for example in cultivation equipment and harvesting methods and/or services, and for companies downstream in the value chain, namely retailers, food & feed companies, chemical & pharmaceutical companies, etc.


“We’re hoping the seminar will attract representatives from companies involved in the agro food and maritime sector,” said Ann Overmeire from the FMC.  “We in the FMC believe this has a real potential for the Belgian section of the North Sea.


“Our hope is that people will come along with an open mind and be receptive to the business and environmental opportunities which growing  seaweed can offer. “


Registration for the event must be done online here. Anyone wishing to follow the seminar can sign  in to twitter and look for #ostendseaweedseminar