18 Jun 2015 Festival of Plants event another success for EnAlgae

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This year’s Festival Of Plants event at Cambridge University Botanic Garden was once again a big success for the EnAlgae staff, who organised a ‘Meet the Algae’ event.


Dr Matt Davey was once again on hand along with colleague Louiza Norman.


“We set up three main interactive stands, one of which had a touch screen quiz to test knowledge of algae and bioenergy,” said Dr Davey. “There were even prizes, including pens made from algae!


“There was also a make your own alga section, where we used coloured pipe cleaners and visitors had a chance to look at real algae from around the world, including Antarctica, under the microscope.


“I think all three sessions were enjoyed by all ages! The algal bubble column was a great icebreaker, though I think more people were interested in the toy jelly fish swimming in it than the actual algae!”


You can see more photos at: