12 Jun 2015 Invitation to attend seminar on seaweed and intergrated aquaculture at Ostend

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Flanders’ Maritime Cluster is pleased to invite you to an EnAlgae seminar about the state of the art of seaweed and integrated aquaculture and the associated business opportunities for the Flemish (agro)food and maritime cluster.

Seaweed is a source of vitamins, minerals and proteins and can as such be used as food and animal feed. After processing, seaweed can be used as a hydrocolloid, a biobased chemical, a pharmaceutical, an organic fertilizer or as biofuel. Seaweed delivers ecosystem services through its support for marine biodiversity and its capacity to bio-accumulate nutrients and pollutants.

Seaweed cultivation, and by extension integrated aquaculture, offers business opportunities for companies upfront in the value chain, for example in cultivation equipment and harvesting methods and/or services, and for companies downstream in the value chain, namely retailers, food & feed companies, chemical & pharmaceutical companies, etc.

The seminar on 2 July is aimed at companies in the (agro)food and maritime sector and will showcase the unexplored potential of this economic activity that is a real potential for the Belgian part of the North Sea.

Energetic Algae (EnAlgae) is a ground-breaking project which is fully devoted towards pioneering research for the cultivation of algae - both microalgae and seaweed - with a primary focus on energy production from algae biomass. The project also acts as a hatchery for other potential sustainable algae projects such as wastewater mitigation, production of alginates and incorporation of algae derivatives in daily products. 

Anyone interested can register here.


12:00 – 12:30: Registration visit and lunch

12:30 – 13:00: Visit to the oyster farm “De Oesterput” in the Spuikom of Ostend

13:00 – 13:30: Registration seminar

13:30 – 18:00: Presentations

- Ann Overmeire, Flanders’ Maritime Cluster

Seaweed cultivation and integrated multitrophic aquaculture (IMTA): challenges and opportunities
- Sara Barrento, Swansea University

A case study of mussel, seaweed and salmon production in a North Sea wind farm
- Jan-Joost Schouten, Deltares

Waste removal efficiencies of IMTA
- Marit Nederlof, Imares

Lessons learned from Enalgae seaweed cultivation pilots
- Karen Mooney, Queens University Belfast

Farming at sea: opportunities for agrofood and maritime clusters
- Koen van Swam, Stichting Noordzeeboerderij

Partners in the Seaweed Chain
- Willem Brandenburg, Wageningen University

Health applications of algal components in nutraceutical products
- Gabriel Devriendt and Linda Vansteenwinckel, Pures

Supply chain for ensiled seaweed biofuels
- Per Gegg, Durham University

Integrated aquaculture for Flanders: next steps
- Bert Groenendaal, Sioen Industries, projectmanager of AquaValue

- Bart Tommelein, State Secretary of the North Sea

18:10 - ....Networking reception 

Seafarm Visit

The event is organised at the last remaining oyster farm along the Belgian coast called “the Oesterhoeve”. The company will provide an extensive visit to the production sites located at the Ostend artificial lock called 'the Spuikom'.

Only 50 participants will be able to visit the farm, early registration is therefore advised. If you have subscribed but cannot attend, please inform us by using the contact form.


Schietbaanstraat 84-86, 8400 Oostende

The farm visit will begin at the venue. Please be on time to ensure participation. The presentations will be held in the large hall adjacent to the 'Oesterput' and registration will take place at the company entrance.



Registration is free, but must be done through the use of our registration form. The deadline for registration is July 1st. Only 50 participants will be able to visit the pilot plant, and the maximum capacity for the workshops is 100 participants. Early registration is therefore advised. Again, if you have subscribed but cannot attend, please inform us by using the contact form.