27 May 2015 Unique artistic collaboration with EnAlgae to be unveiled

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A unique collaboration between scientific research project EnAlgae and contemporary print artists is about to unveil the fruits of its labour.


Entitled Oceanographic, the exhibition will feature work which was inspired following a tour of the project’s pilot facility in Portaferry.


“The Seacourt Print Workshop in Bangor came to visit us late last year as part of a unique collaboration between the lab and the workshop,” said Dr Karen Mooney. “They came after hearing about the work we do with EnAlgae and we took the artists on a tour of the lab.


Artists' collaboration with EnAlgae unveiled.jpg


“There were over 20 artists and they were able to take photos and samples of things to make art pieces from.  They have spent the months since working on their pieces, and these will be launched at a special event on Wednesday 3rd June and then exhibited at the workshop throughout June. 


“I’ll be at the launch and will be doing a brief talk on EnAlgae and the wider research implications.”


Robert Peters, Director of SPW said, “Each year we try to work with a non-arts organisation to introduce new audiences to printmaking. It’s been a real pleasure to engage with the scientific team at Portaferry. Their enthusiasm for the research being carried out has inspired our artists to create a unique collection of original prints.”


More information on the exhibition can be found here