More than 2000 visit Festival of Plants and EnAlgae stand

EnAlgae scientists who went to the Festival of Plants at Cambridge University’s Botanic Gardens enjoyed the opportunity to engage with the hundreds of people who attended the event. This was the second time the festival has been held and more than 2000 people made it through the gates to the Botanic Garden. “The attendance overall at the event was 13% up on last year, so this was some great exposure for EnAlgae with over 2,000 people coming through the gates,” said Dr Matthew Davey. “We were able to show the public our work with growing microalgae and the different varieties of algae. Overall I think they found it very interesting.”

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Algae products in the marketplace

You may not be aware, but algae has a whole host of uses, not least of which is its potential as an energy source. Algae is a very large and incredibly diverse group of organisms and it’s now a common ingredient across a wide range of products which are currently available on the market. From ready to eat and very healthy seaweed snacks, to plasters which contain algae as a healing element, to custard mix and even face creams, algae is a versatile and healthy organism.

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Eisteddfod beckons for staff in Swansea

EnAlgae staff in Swansea are preparing to introduce their work to visitors to this year’s annual Welsh cultural festival, the National Esiteddfod which is being held in nearby town Llanelli during the first week of August. “Each year, around 100,000 people come to the Eisteddfod, so it’s a fantastic opportunity for us to engage with the public and let them know about the exciting work we’re doing here,” said Dr Shaun Richardson.  “We’ll be taking along examples of cultivation equipment to show how we grow algae for research into its bioenergy potential.  And we will also have a display of products containing algae so that people can get an understanding of just how varied the uses for algae are”.

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Excitement mounts for conference at Hamburg

With a short time to go until our special stand-alone event at the 22nd EU Biomass Conference and Exhibition in Hamburg, final preparations are underway. The Algae Event takes place on Wednesday 25th June at CCH in Hamburg and a full programme is in place to discuss just how algae fits into the biomass industry and how algae can contribute to a future bioeconomy. There’s still time to register and you can do this by visiting the following website where you’ll also find the full itinerary for the event.  

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EnAlgae is a four-year Strategic Initiative of the INTERREG IVB North West Europe programme. It brings together 19 partners and 14 observers across 7 EU Member States with the aim of developing sustainable technologies for algal biomass production

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