Project staff celebrate successful study tour by the Committee of the Regions.

A day long study tour of the Swansea area, hosted by the EnAlgae project, by the European Union’s Committee of the Regions, was recently held at Swansea University. Twelve delegates from across Europe attended the tour, which showcased the EnAlgae project as well as other projects currently underway on campus. The theme for the day was low carbon, energy and the environment and finding sustainable solutions for environmental and resource management through innovative research. 

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Delegates came from right across Europe

The European Committee of the Regions is the European Union’s assembly of regional and local representatives. Its mission is to involve regional and local authorities and the communities they represent in the EU's decision-making process and to inform them about EU policies. The study tour in Swansea saw delegates travel from Malta, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Germany and France. Delegates who made the journey were introduced via the EnAlgae project to the process of growing algae and tapping it’s potential as an energy source and means of remediating waste water and gases, including industrial CO2 emissions. They were also treated to a showcase of other projects currently being undertaken at the University. 

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Event offers University an opportunity to shine

The event also offered Swansea University the chance to showcase other projects underway on the campus. SEACAMS, or Sustainable Expansion of the Applied Coastal Marine Sectors in Wales, a strategic development project aiming to integrate research and business opportunities around the coast of Wales. WISE, which aims to support the growth and development of companies in Wales including those which impact specifically on the environment. SPECIFIC is a project looking to develop coated steel and glass products for roofs and walls that generate, store and release renewable energy. And LCRI Marine, or Low Carbon Marine Institute, a collaboration of leading academic marine institutions in Wales aiming to enable, support and help build a sustainable marine energy sector in Wales. 

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An excellent programme and an enjoyable day

Committee of the Regions sponsor Councillor Linda Gillham said the tour was one of the best study tours she’d experienced, with an excellent programme which provided an enjoyable day. And more importantly, Cllr Gillham felt each committee member was able to take away an idea to share or implement in their local regions. The tour was joined at the evening drinks reception by Member of the European Parliament Derek Vaughan. He was pleased to see EU funds supporting innovation and also the collaboration on the project between the university and private enterprise.   

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EnAlgae is a four-year Strategic Initiative of the INTERREG IVB North West Europe programme. It brings together 19 partners and 14 observers across 7 EU Member States with the aim of developing sustainable technologies for algal biomass production

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