Busy times ahead for EnAlgae project

Busy times are ahead for the partners involved on EnAlgae, with several open days, conferences and events in the coming months. Open days will be held at CEVA in Brittany, while at Galway, the team will host  the annual British Phycological Society’s annual conference as well as an open day. On the other coast of Ireland, EnAlgae will once again be sponsoring the Strangford Lough marine festival. And the team in Wales plan on taking the project to the people with a stand at the National Eisteddfod in August.

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The benefits and risks of algae biomass production

EnAlgae is hosting an international event on Thursday 5th June to discuss the benefits and risks associated with algae biomass production. The event hopes to bring together attendees from public institutions, policy makers, those employed in agriculture as well as those in industry. It’s hoped the event will inform and educate , allowing people to develop a clearer understanding of how algae biomass production works and what it could mean for sustainable energy in the future for North West Europe. The event will also discuss the preconditions needed for a general acceptance of large scale microalgae production in Europe.

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EnAlgae prepares for conference in Hamburg

EnAlgae is co-organising a stand-alone conference session on algae within the EU Biomass Conference and Exhibition in Hamburg this summer. Our event will take place on Wednesday 25th June 2014 in the middle of the main conference programme. A call for abstracts for the event has been recently completed, and the science board is now making their selection. The aim of this one day event will be to get a better understanding on how algae fit into the current biomass industry and how they could contribute to a sustainable bioeconomy in the future.  

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Microalgal bacterial flocs for wastewater treatment.

One of the researchers involved in the EnAlgae project at Ghent University Campus Kortrijk has recently outlined her doctoral thesis on microalgae bacteria flocs (MaB-flocs) as wastewater treatment: from concept to pilot scale. Sofie Van Den Hende presented her public defence at the end of February in Wevelgem, Belgium. Sofie’s thesis looks at using a new method of bioflocculation in a sunlight-powered mincroalgal system for wastewater treatment. Initial studies have shown that after a reaction period, the microalgal bacterial flocs in sequencing batch reactors (MaB-floc SBRs) settle and biomass free effluent can be discharged.

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EnAlgae is a four-year Strategic Initiative of the INTERREG IVB North West Europe programme. It brings together 19 partners and 14 observers across 7 EU Member States with the aim of developing sustainable technologies for algal biomass production

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