European Biomass Industry Association

European Biomass Industry Association (Belgium)
Work package one
Algal Information Network

The main role of the European Biomass Industry Association (EUBIA) is to set up an Algal Information Network (AIN) for North West Europe that will be launched towards the end of the project. The AIN will provide services to members, policy makers and the general public, and will also respond to emerging issues that affect the sustainable exploitation of algae in NWE. EUBIA is identifying key stakeholders and dissemination activities throughout the project’s life-cycle to build up a potential network of members in the NWE region for the network. The AIN will consist of all EnAlgae partners and observers and will be open to stakeholders who wish to benefit from the results and tools developed within the EnAlgae project. The online information portal of the AIN will host the ICT decision support tool developed by the EnAlgae project.